A Way to Quit Smoking!

Here is a way to quit smoking that worked wonderfully well for me. The method is completely drug-free and helps dissolves a smoker's feelings of powerlessness and guilt as he or she comes to understand that the source of the nicotine addiction is physical and not a matter of willpower. A Way to Quit Smoking! describes how to solidly get on the road to breaking the smoking habit completely, maybe within one week! The author smoked for 6 years and has been smoke-free for 25 years since quitting this way. If you follow the easy steps delineated in the pamphlet, THIS METHOD WORKS!

an effective quit smoking technique: the method

First I analyzed the habit:

It's not a willpower thing, it's a cellular addiction. So you need to fool your cells out of it.

Then I looked to discover the most addictive part of it. It wasn't the buzz, it was the DESIRE-- that "I want a cigarette!" feeling that arises up from your lungs into your throat like a pleasure-filled wave of tobacco-lust. It's a physical feeling, not a thought.

Then I figured out a way to intercept the feeling. Here is how I did it. First I committed to quitting. I wanted to prove (to someone I loved at the time) that I had strength of character. I figured quitting smoking would do it. So I was motivated. I bought my last pack, thinking of it as my last pack. I smoked the hell out of half the pack. Then I took the other half and threw it into moving water and watched it float away. Then I went to my interception of pleasure technique. Every time that cigarette lust feeling started to arise from my lungs to my throat, I would wiggle my tongue forward and backward in my mouth so I felt it in the back of my throat and it made me feel nauseous. I did it each time the desire for a cigarette arose, for a whole week. After that, every time the desire arise, I felt nauseous automatically!

I never smoked again, except for one "ceremonial" cigarette after someone died, years later. And that one smoke didn't get me hooked back in.